The Modern Wedding Tale

In a picturesque castle garden tucked in nature and the hills - Roman and Genia said 'I Do'. The occasion was celebrated in a remarkable way surrounded by lush green shrubs, colorful flower beds, gourmet delights, and meaningful fashion and jewelry. With natural scenes and a cheerful table setting, the ceremony was celebrated in an ultra-classic atmosphere.


The event featured a classic, timeless jewelry spectacle in the bride's classic couture style. She chose Ocèane Pearl Drop Earrings with her statement ensemble, accessorizing it with Chorus Organic Pearl Necklace.



Genia remembers how her love for pearls began when... "The first time I remember watching Audrey Hepburn's first scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's, with coffee and croissant" 



"I found the pieces of Mamour Paris as a remembrance to my childhood dream, I adored them, the jewelry pieces match precisely with my type".


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"It's a new and old feeling, every time with her" says Roman as he muses about the first time he met her and her love for pearls.



Roman's beautiful wedding gift to her is The Melody Pearl Bracelet, "The bracelet speaks itself of old time classic yet modern and so like her" says Roman.



"As we saw in the past two years, to be able to share the most meaningful day of our lives with our closest friends and family is a blessing," says the newlyweds. 



The wedding took place at a castle surrounded by nature and followed by an intimate five course meal Gourmet Garden Dinner in a 5 star Czech hotel. The Wedding Dinner for the guests was prepared by the in-house chef to celebrate the special occasion.



"Being grateful and experiencing the moment, while enjoying every step with every beat and struggling to stand sometimes, it's good to have someone to hold onto, to find that originality in someone is a gift itself, and I have found that someone," says Genia. 



Mamour Paris has built its selection of bridal jewelry pieces which you can wear on your D-Day. These unconventional and ocean-inspired pearl pieces have already charmed a lot of upcoming brides. The jewelry is inspired by sculptures and art forms that are reminiscences of living forms that tell a tale of love and are pieces of modern heirlooms. The sculptural jewelry pieces are handcrafted from recycled and upcycled metals which hold raw significance.

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Discover the demi-fine jewelry collection of earrings, large pearl bead necklaces, bracelets, and engagement rings of your dreams, all in gold or silver and embellished with baroque pearls at Mamour. A gold seashell-shaped necklace and pearl dainty necklace made of freshwater pearls, to be worn sensually with your bridal attire, are also available from the brand. Additionally, you can choose various jewels inspired by the Rococo Movement from our assortment of new compilations of pearls with gold jewelry for your special day, like knotted gold pearl earrings and a ring solely made of pearls.

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A great deal of our collections is created with reflections of feminine bridal jewelry for the wedding day, which seamlessly fits the bride. And also created to wear pieces that are already a facet of their identity and without which it will be an incomplete ensemble. We admire the concept that each jewelry piece has a special significance and serves as an amulet to be sported or preserved to illuminate joy on one's wedding day and become an heirloom: a memory of beginning thereafter.

Uncovering the beauty in emotions and history is, in our belief, what makes our jewelry an exquisite element. Jewelry is an intimate and personal element for every bride. Jewelry represents the allegorical journey of the bride. Whether that be pearl jewelry with a silk slip dress or a double-layered pearl choker with a white suit.

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From ancient times, pearls have been a significant jewelry piece. The brides have been donning them in a way that makes them beautifully stand out from the crowd.

Pearl jewelry has long been cherished and worn by brides for centuries. This custom is rooted in lore and adoration, and women have adorned pearls as necklaces, earrings, accents on veils, even pendants, and matching earrings made of gold and pearls. In history, pearls were greatly treasured in ancient Rome, and Julius Cesar ruled that only royalty could wear pearls. Romans started the custom of wearing a wedding veil because they thought it would protect the bride from bad luck and evil spirits before her wedding. And now no wonder bridal gowns and veils have beautiful pearl bead trim on the lace or the sheer garment.

The pearl is a universal symbol of love, purity, innocence, and wealth. The traditional white bridal gown frequently looks best paired with a white pearl necklace. They softly glow and accentuate the bride's beauty. Pearls are a popular option for brides all around the world because of their understated elegance and everlasting beauty.


Bride's Style 

For the bride, the wedding day is a sequence of attire changes: from the wedding gown and veil to the jewelry and shoes, selecting a chic jewelry addition, such as a pearl necklace personalized with stud earrings to go with the enchanted wedding gown and the scenic surrounding setting with hanging lights and flowers.

Whether we picture bridal gowns fluttering in the wind for a beach wedding or a strapless dress for a vineyard wedding, fusing with the bride's imagination is the key, as it is a necessary element.


Trying on a collection of dresses and reviewing fabrics, and shapes is the vital stage of picking out the wedding gown. Collections that play with brocade, lace, satin, muslin, and cotton piqué—materials that are endlessly accessible to today's women—are hands-on with the design process. Each piece created by the designers is a reflection of a certain personality similar to every piece of jewelry. Together adorned with silk tulle, pearl beaded embroidery, and ruffled or straight sleeves, the essence of timeless pearl jewelry, is the perfect combination. And as is customary, each outfit and jewelry pieces display a certain element, the distinctive brand touch.

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Wedding veils are also seeing a transformation in the selection of fabrics, patterns, and embellishment that is unsurpassed. You can add pearls to a translucent veil in a variety of designs.

As the day smoothly heads into the night with the newlyweds and guests, the final transition into the evening dress is a mini dress or a suit with jewelry pieces of gold choker necklaces, pearl choker necklaces, and simple bracelets.

Some desire light, fluffy outfits, and some with lacy detail. Going natural and imitating female curves are the main focus of the designers. A picture of a lady who is powerful and self-assured, but who also has a more animated side than typical, a wedding gown must represent these qualities.


Picking Out Bridal Jewelry

It's crucial to think about how your wedding dress will look while selecting your bridal jewelry. Instead of overpowering or sabotaging your ensemble, you want your jewelry to appear lovely with it. Thinking about how your options will work with the neckline of your dress is one simple approach to assure that your jewelry will conform to your ensemble.

Sweetheart Neckline:  To define the plunge in a sweetheart-shaped neckline, medium-length pendants or drop necklaces are ideal. As this gown's design has a delicate balance with a romantic appearance, just as the name— simple necklaces, mini pearl stud earrings, and bracelets oftentimes look promising with sweetheart necklines.

Strapless Necklines: Necklaces look stunning with strapless gowns since the gown displays the collarbone, making it look fabulous. We advise you in selecting a shorter-length chain or choker necklace for strapless necklines rather than a medium-long lariat necklace.

Halter Necklines: If your wedding dress has a high or halter neckline, we normally advise against wearing necklaces because these designs of dresses don't provide considerable space for jewelry. Rather, think about counteracting a halter or high neckline with glistening pearl and gold hoops or simple earrings and a lovely, attention-grabbing gold pearl bracelet.

V-Necklines: With a plunging V-neck gown simple pendant necklaces elegantly accentuate and mirror the silhouette of the v- neckline gown. Contemplate sporting a drop necklace or a long gold necklace to bring out your gown's dramatic silhouette if it has a plunging V-neck. Or, think about forgoing a necklace altogether, instead opting for merely statement earrings or solid gold pearl earrings and letting your dramatic neckline take center stage.

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